Obtain a NIE number in Spain

Our team of professional lawyers offer any kind of legal services for our international clients who need assistance with paperwork related to obtaininga NIE number in Spain. What follows is a general guideline on how to get the NIE card in Spain.


What is NIE number in Spain?


A NIE number in Spain is an Identification number for foreigners.


The applicable regulations require in certain cases that foreign natural or legal persons in Spain obtain a Foreigner Identification Number.


Foreigners who, due to their financial, professional and social interests, have any interests in Spain, will be given, for identification purposes, a sequential number that is personal, unique and exclusive.


What does a NIE number in Spain serve for?


A NIE number is necessary for any kind of economic transaction like opening a bank account, setting up a company, buying or renting a real estate property or a car, any kind of paperwork, etc.


Which documentation is necessary to apply for a NIE number in Spain?


A NIE number in Spain requires the following documentation:
- The official NIE application form
- Identity document or Passport, original and photocopy of all pages
- A document certifying the reason to be applying for a NIE


How is a NIE number processed in Spain? What do we do at Immigration Spain International Lawyers?


A NIE number in Spain is processed following the protocol:
- We organize all the necessary documentation
- We fill in the Application Forms
- We accompany the client on the day of application
- We collect the NIE with the autorization from the client


How long does it take to obtain a NIE number in Spain?


It takes 3 to 5 working days to obtain the NIE number for Non EU citizens. If your are a EU citizen, that time will be subject to availability and may vary depending on that (ask us to get the exact time).


When can I apply for a NIE?


A NIE may be previously applied for in the consulate of the country of origin, or after arrival in Spain, at the relevant Provincial Immigration Office (“Oficina de Extranjería”).


It is advisable to begin application proceedings before initiating any formalities in connection with incorporating a company, to avoid delays in the process.


How is the application for a NIE number in Spain presented?


The application for a NIE number in Spain can be presented in different ways:
- Personally by the applicant
- Through a representative


Representatives must have a power of attorney authorizing them to act on behalf of the foreigner to obtain his NIE.


Where is the application for a NIE number in Spain presented?


A NIE number in Spain is presented:


In Spain: at the Government Delegations and Sub-delegations via their services and the Provincial Immigration Office (“Oficina de Extranjería”) corresponding to the place in which the procedure began (i.e. where the services are provided, where the company is resident or domiciled…).


Abroad: at the diplomatic mission or consular section of Spain located in the foreigner’s country of residence, where the reasons for the application must be communicated.


What is the cost of our service to obtain a NIE number in Spain?


A NIE number in Spain can be obtained for

- 150€ – For Non Permanent NIE (for less than 3 months stay)

- 250€ – For Permanent NIE (for more than 3 months stay)


Do you have any doubt regarding how to get the NIE card in Spain? Then do not hesitate to contact us!