Residence Permit Spain

Why to choose Spain? Spain. A country of excellence

IMMIGRATION Department has a team of professional lawyers offering all kinds of legal services for our national and foreign clients who need help with the paperwork associated with the residence, visa, etc. in Spain and Andorra.

Globalization has meant that today the movement of people is very common. Spain is a very attractive country for its mild climate, healthy diet, the Mediterranean, business opportunities, … Spain is synonymous of quality in life and success in their investments.

Beach, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Guipuzcoa, Spain

Some of the most outstanding services of our firm are:

1 .- Non Lucrative Residency Permit Spain

Our lawyers prepare effectively and professionally all documents to ensure obtaining the residency permit that best suits the needs of our client.

2 .- Business Residency Permits in Spain

Our lawyers assist the client on all steps to set up a business in Spain and the immigration procedure to get the spanish residency.

3 .- Student Residency Permit Spain

We help students to get properly their spanish student residency permit.

4 .- Obtain a NIE number in Spain

The NIE number serves for realizing any kind of economic transactions like opening a bank account, setting up a company, buying or renting a real estate property or a car, any kind of paperwork, etc.

5 .- Other Immigration Services

Our team offers advice for any situation, process or proceeding relating to foreigners in Spain and Andorra such as nationality, relations with Embassies and Consulates, etc.

In IMMIGRATION LAWYERS SPAIN (International Group), we believe in an ethical practice, elegant, professional and open to the values and concerns of our society, whose priority is effectiveness. Our lawyers provide their services with the aim of offering the highest levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy. On these bases we maintain a total commitment to the customer and their interests. To this end, all clients receive personal attention.


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