for Sephardic Spanish Passport

1. Beginning


It is an online process. Applicants have to fill out an application form in Spanish that will be available to the public when the law comes into effect. Application fee is 100 euros for the administrative processing of the application regardless of the results.

The system will provide the applicant with an application ID number. The application will be transmitted electronically to the General Notary Council in Spain. The Council will assign a notary in Spain that is capable of assessing the documents presented by the applicant to each case.


2. Notary Act


Once the designated notary has reviewed documents, and once it is deemed that the requirements previously mentioned have been fulfilled, the notary in Spain will make an appointment with the interested party for the performance of a notary act.


Thus, until there is a concrete and reasonable expectation that the granting of citizenship is feasible, the notary will not make an appointment with the interested party in order to prevent unproductive trips.


The act will include the original documents used as proof submitted by the interested party, and for adults, this act will also include a criminal background check for each country in which the applicant resides or has resided in the last five years immediately prior to the application.


All documents have to be translated into Spanish, when necessary, as well as authorized, legalized or notarized (apostille).


3. Resolution by the General Directorate of Registries and Notary Services


When the notary act, which confirms the accreditation of the qualifications, has been received, the General Directorate of Registries and Notary Services will officially request reports of the corresponding agencies. Once reports have been received, the General Directorate of Registries and Notary Services will resolve the case, judging the validity of the application.


Upon a positive resolution, and within one year’s time starting the day following the notification of the resolution, the applicant will have to swear and promise his or her fidelity to the King and obedience to the Spanish Constitution and laws before the Civil Registry of his residence (Embassy or Consulate).


The non-compliance by the interested party of the previous conditions within the established timeframe will result in the expiration of the proceeding.


4. Times


Interested parties should formalize their application within three years after the law comes into effect (October 1, 2015). This deadline may be extended for an additional year if approved by the Council of Ministries.


However, the Law will remain in effect indefinitely for extraordinary cases or when there are humanitarian reasons.


Applications will be resolved within a period of up to 12 months from the date the application and corresponding documents are registered in the General Directorate of registries and Notary Services. If after 12 months there is no resolution, the application will be deemed invalid by means of administrative silence.


5. News related to Sephardic Spanish Passport


Spain begins review of Sephardic Jewish citizenship applications


Spanish Congress passes historic law granting citizenship to Sephardic Jews



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