How to demonstrate the possession of economic means for the family reunification process

economic means family regrouping

One of the most important requirements for the family reunification process, especially when it comes to the extended family, is to demonstrate the economic dependence of the family member we bring to Spain.

This requirement is requested by the immigration office and we must clearly comply with in order to successfully carry out the procedure.

Furthermore, this is one of the main reasons that generate denied applications. Many times we do not know how to prove this economic dependency exactly, and this invalidates the process.

So today we will talk about the best way to prove that the citizen you are regrouping is economically dependant on you.

In order to regroup a family member, that relative must depend on us.

One of the ways to demonstrate this is through economic means.

In other words, we must be able to show that our relative needs our monetary contributions to be able to cover his or her basic needs.

This is called being in charge.

So this is one of the main requirements in the family reunification procedure. And it is the number one reason for refusals.

So the question is, how do we prove it effectively?

How to demonstrate the financial or economic dependency

To demonstrate economic dependence, we must ensure that the following requirements are met. 

Money transfers

First of all, the economic dependency for the family reunification is demonstrated by sending money and transfers to bank accounts.

In both cases, it will be essential that the holder of the account that receives the money is the one being reunified. This is called sending nominal money.

In order to be able to use it as an effective justification, we must keep receipts or proofs of each of the transactions or payments.

This, in turn, requires that the transfers are made through authorized agencies and not through third parties.

At the same time, we can also ask the bank for a report of these transfers, which they will provide with without any problem.

Bank movements

But the demonstration doesn’t end there.

Another important requirement will be to show the bank account movements that both regrouper and regrouped have experienced in recent months.

This will verify that there really is an economic dependency relationship.

But, in addition, this serves for the administration to verify another crucial point: that the person we want to bring to Spain has no means for living in the country of origin by herself.

In other words, she does not receive any subsidy, pension, benefit, salary, or equivalent fixed monetary amount.

If this is the case, it will be clear that this person needs the financial support of the foreigner in Spain.

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Sworn declaration

Finally, another of the available avenues is to declare, by means of an affidavit, that the regrouped person has no income or means of living in his or her country of residence.

How much money do you need to send?

One of the doubts many experience is what exact amount is necessary for the economic dependence to be effective.

And it is completely normal that this doubt exists: the Royal Decree that regulates this procedure for foreigners does not establish any minimum that we can use as a reference.

So how do we know if the amount will be valid?

In this case, we should think of a reasonable amount according to the country of residence of the regrouped person.

That is, the monthly amount transferred must be sufficient so that, taking into account the purchasing power of the money in that country, the regrouped person can achieve the minimums of subsistence: be able to buy food, have light and water, etc.

To avoid a rejected application, we recommend that the transfer is at least 150 or 200 euros per month.

For how long does the dependency relationship must take place?

Again, another of the doubts raised by a lack of specification in the regulation.

In this case, in order to define the minimum amount of time in which the regrouped person must receive money from the one regrouping him, we will use the rule that the more, the better.

Nevertheless, to give you a general idea, bear in mind that a minimum of 2 years would be reasonable.

Having sufficient economic means to sustain the life of the regrouped relative in Spain

Once we can prove that we have been in charge of our relative in his home country for the past few months, we must prove that we will be able to support him once he arrives in Spain as well.

That is to say, the salary or economic income of the Spanish resident must be sufficient to maintain the family unit in the Spanish territory.

That is one of the most crucial requirements when bringing your spouse or fiancé to Spain with you.

Otherwise, the application will be rejected. 

How much income should the one who regroups declare?

In the case of the general family reunification procedure, having about 500 euros to keep the regrouped relative will be enough. Remember that this type of process includes unmarried partners or spouses, children, and direct ascendants.

However, in the case of the extended family reunification, although the exact amount is not specified in any law, the recommended amount is approximately the same.

And what if she does not receive any income?

If the applicant does not have a job at the moment and therefore does not receive an income, the reunification process is still possible.

The only difference is that in this case, he will have to prove that he has a minimum amount of money in his bank account, in the form of savings.

We are talking about a figure of more than 5,000 euros.

Already living together in Spain? Then the procedure is easier for you

There are many people who are already living with the unregistered partner or relatives in the Spanish territory.

That is, they already live with relatives who can be reunited as extended family.

In that case, the law makes it much easier to prove the economic dependency.

How can this be done? By accrediting expenses.

Invoices or any type of receipt must be provided in which it is clear that the one regrouping has made payments or purchases for her relative.

This shows that he or she is already being supported in the country.

Among others, the most common cases are public transport cards, telephone lines, medical insurance, etc.

Do you need help to demonstrate the economic bond?

Up to this point we have seen all requirements that you must take into account in order to comply with the requirement of being financially dependent on the relative to who is regrouping.

However, we know that each case is particular. 

And this, for sure, will generate many doubts. 

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economic means family regrouping

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