Conditions and Requirements for Entering Spain in 2023

entry requirements to Spain

Spain is one of the world’s top destinations for foreigners from all over the world, both for those doing tourism and those who intend to stay for the long run.

However, the frequent changes in the current pandemic situation daily generate tons of doubts for those travelers, since the regulations for entering the country are constantly being modified and renewed.

Thus, in this article we analyze in detail how to enter Spain in 2023, what requirements you will have to meet (updated) both if you enter for tourism or to get your residency, and all the health information you should consider to avoid entry problems depending on your country of origin.

The first thing you must take into account to enter Spain during 2023 is that you will have to comply with 2 different set of requirements.

While until now foreigners had just to consider the requirements imposed at the immigration level (for example the need to get a tourist visa); now the sanitary requirements play an important role too.

Thus, in this article you will find the complete list of requirements that must be met (updated for this new year), both from the legal and the sanitary point of view.

Keep in mind that both groups of conditions are regulated at the European level, since entering the EU through Spain allows you to freely move to another country within the Schengen area, although it is true that there may be health differences (stricter requirements) depending on the specific country.

Therefore, to ensure a successful entry you must make sure to meet each and every one of the requirements that we will see below.

And keep in mind that these will be verified both upon landing and having entered the Spanish territory and even before leaving when you are still in your country of origin. Because many times airlines themselves are the ones who carry out those controls and can prevent you from boarding.

Health requirements to enter Spain

Below we analyze the health requirements that currently exist for foreigners intending to enter Spain.

But be careful.

These are very volatile and can change almost overnight, especially with the constant irruption of new waves.

Hence, we recommend that before purchasing your airline tickets you double-check and verify them on the official Spanish government website.

On the other hand, every month Spain updates the list of countries and territories that have no restrictions to enter Spain. Make sure that yours is on this list to be able to make your trip.

So, what are these sanitary requirements?

  • Temperature control, which will probably be done at the airport of origin to verify that your temperature does not exceed 37.5ºC.
  • Complete vaccination or…
  • In case of coming from a country or area at risk, you must present a PCR test (SARS-CoV-2) with a negative result performed within 72 hours prior to arrival in the country.
  • Fill in the SpTH entry form, in which you must state your personal data, where you will be staying, etc. You can find it here and once completed you will receive a QR code that the authorities will request upon landing.

Do I currently need a PCR to enter Spain?

Currently yes. Whether you come from an EU country or a third country, you will need a PCR test with a negative result.

This test must be official and original, written in English or Spanish, and must include:

  • The traveler’s full name
  • Date the test was performed
  • Identification details of the center that performed the test
  • Passport or ID card number
  • Negative test result

Entry requirements according to your country of origin

To make things easier and more understandable for foreigners, the Spanish Ministry of Health has launched a map where you can find the health entry requirements that you must meet according to your country of origin.

Simply click on the following link, select on your country of origin, and a window will be displayed including all the relevant information (as well as whether you are prohibited entry for health reasons):

Access this map here

requisitos sanitarios entrada España

Immigration entry requirements

On the other hand, we also find the requirements that you will have to comply with at a legal level during 2023 in order to enter the Spanish territory.

They are the same that we have already seen and explained in detail in this other article, but here is a summary:

  • Demonstrate the possession of sufficient economic means to support yourself throughout your stay. We are talking about 90€ per day and person.
  • Round-trip plane tickets, which must coincide with the days of stay accredited economically in the previous point.
  • Proof of accommodation. This can be demonstrated through an invitation letter if you will be staying with a friend or relative (find out how to request it here), or an already paid hotel/tourist apartment reservation.
  • Health insurance for the days you will stay in Spain

And, in addition, you should check whether or not your country requires a Schengen visa to enter as a tourist (find out here the complete list of countries that must apply for one).

In case you need to obtain this visa, you will have to do it at the Spanish consulate located in your country of origin where you will have to prove all the requirements seen in this section.

And, in case you do not need it, these requirements will be demonstrated when you land in Spain.

All your doubts to enter Spain solved here

So far all the requirements you must meet during this year 2023 to successfully enter Spain.

Please note that health requirements are subject to change, so this information may become obsolete quickly.

Hence, if you have any doubts or need personalized legal advice, our immigration lawyers are at your complete disposal!

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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entry requirements to Spain

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