How to renew your self-employed work permit

self employment visa renewal

After finishing the first year with your self-employed work permit, you will need to renew it if you want to continue living (and working) legally in Spain. And in this article, you will find out everything you need to know to carry out the procedure successfully, including the latest news.

As with any initial residence authorization, the self-employed work permit must be renewed once the first year of this initial card comes to an end.

It is a somewhat more complex renewal than if we compare it with the renewal of the work permit as an employee, but equally possible since there are four assumptions that can cover us to renew successfully.

In addition, the latest update of the immigration law has brought about two important changes that positively affect this renewal.

In the first place, after finishing the first year with the self-employed residence, you will renew for a total of 4 years (instead of 2).

And, on the other hand, this renewed card will allow us to continue working as self-employed individual, but to also work for a company.

That is to say, the foreigner will be able to resign as self-employed (“autónomo”) and be hired by any company in the Spanish territory without the need to carry out extra procedures.

This renewal will be done at the corresponding immigration’s office depending on the applicant’s place of residence, and it will be done online.

When should you renew it?

The self-employed residency can be renewed between 60 days before the expiration of the card and up to 90 days after.

However, even though the Spanish immigration law allows the second option, our recommendation is to always renew within the 2 months prior to expiration.

This way your card will remain valid at all times, and although allowing it to expire would not prevent your renewal, the Immigration Office could fine you.

So now you know: the sooner the better.

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Renewal assumptions and requirements

The requirements to successfully renew this work permit depend on the case or situation in which you find yourself.

Thus, there are 4 cases that will allow you to renew this authorization.

Let’s explore them in detail.

You are still working as a self-employed worker

If you have worked during the entire validity of your initial residency card and you will continue to do so, you will find yourself in this first case, which is undoubtedly the least complex.

You will simply have to demonstrate that the economic activity for which you were granted residency has been effective and continued during the previous year, and comply with the following:

  • You must have been registered in the RETA during all the validity of the card.
  • You have paid the Social Security every month, and settled all your taxes with the Spanish Tax Agency (mainly the quarterly VAT payment).

This last point is crucial, and also applies to the rest of the cases. It will be essential that you are up to date with your tax obligations with the Tax Agency and Social Security in order to be able to renew this permit.

But what happens if you have stopped working and would like to renew this permit? Then you will have to stick to one of the following 3 cases.

You possess sufficient economic means

If both you or your partner have sufficient financial means, you may be able to renew your self-employed permit if your professional activity has ceased and/or you no longer wish to continue it.

If you have a family member, like your spouse or registered partner, who has sufficient means to support you (equivalent to family reunification) you may be able to renew your permit too.

You are receiving a severance benefit

In the same way that an employee in Spain receives an unemployment benefit in the event of becoming unemployed, self-employed workers can also receive an activity termination benefit.

Thus, this third case is very similar to the renewal of the regular work permit due to termination of contract or dismissal.

The receipt of this benefit for termination of activity would allow you to renew without any problem.

Option for foreigners who do not fall into any of the above categories

What happens if you are not in any of the above cases, is renewal still possible?

Well, the answer is yes, it is possible.

In those situations, you could renew your self-employment authorization through the integration effort report, which is regulated by the governments of each of the Autonomous Communities of Spain independently.

This report assesses the time you have been self-employed in Spain, the type of economic activity carried out, etc.

In case of being favorable and meeting sufficient requirements, it could be the fourth way for a successful renewal.

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