Requirements for the Family Reunification Visa in Spain for 2022

requirements family reunification visa in Spain

Are you a non-European citizen with a residence permit in Spain? Then good news. Through this legal procedure you can bring your family with you. And here we will show you how to do it easily. Discover all the requirements for the family reunification in Spain in 2020:

No doubt knowing them all will be essential to ensure a successful request. In fact, you are very close to bringing your family to Spain with you.

But first things first. It is necessary to comply with all the related legal aspects.

Let’s see one by one each of the requirements to bring your relatives to the Spanish territory

Lack of criminal background records

This is a very basic but at the same time fundamental requirement.

The regrouped family member cannot register any criminal record. Neither in Spain nor in any other country where she has lived for the past 5 years.

You can't be in Spain under an illegal situation

Another easy requirement to meet.

The person who is regrouping (the one who already resides in Spain) cannot be in an irregular situation in the country.

She must have a valid residence card.

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Both the one regrouping and the regrouped cannot be European citizens. That is, neither can be a citizen of any European Union or EEA country; or be from Switzerland.

This is something that is established in the immigration law.

Thus, many people confuse this procedure with the erroneously called community regrouping (visa as a relative of an EU citizen).

In the latter case, the person who would act as the “regrouping individual” does have European nationality.

You can learn more about the differences between these two processes to bring your family to Spain here.

Minimum residency period for the relative who is in Spain

As we have said, the person who brings her family to Spain must be legally living in the country for the reunification process to be effective.

But having a residence permit is not enough.

In addition, it is necessary that she has been living in Spanish territory for at least 12 months, and that she has obtained the first renewal of her initial residence card.

In other words, you can never bring your family with the first residence and work permit you obtain.

It is necessary that at least one renewal has taken place. And it will be with the second card that you can reunify.

Requirements to reunify children

Many foreigners in Spain want to reunify their children. What requirements should they consider in this case?

  • It is important that children are not older than 18 years old
  • However, it is possible to reunify disabled children who are over 18.
  • The fact that they were adopted would not make any difference; the process is still possible.

Requirements to reunify parents/in-laws

In this case, to reunify parents or parents-in-law, the temporary requirement of residence for the reunifying individual is extended.

It is necessary that she has lived in Spain for a minimum of 5 years and has a long-term residence.

Documents that demonstrate the kinship bond

As you know, it is only possible to regroup your spouse or civil partner, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, children, and putative children.

In each case, a specific document to demonstrate the kinship bond will be required:

  • Spouse. The marriage certificate will be necessary (it can be a copy, and legalization is not required).
  • Civil partner. In this case the registration of the de facto couple will be the required document.
  • Children. The birth certificate of your children so you can prove that they really are your descendants.
  • Parents. In this case, the birth certificate (of the reunifying individual) is also required.
  • Inlaws. Birth certificate of your spouse, plus marriage certificate.

* Keep in mind that it is not necessary to provide original documents. A copy will be enough. The originals will be requested at the consulate located in the country of origin.

Proper housing

Another requirement for the family reunification process is to be able to demonstrate that the reunifying individual has a suitable house so that the reunified (and he/she) can live there properly.

That is, a house with good enough conditions so that the family can live under established minimums.

For this, you must request an adequate housing report; issued by the town hall where you live.

In some regions, as in the case of Catalonia, even if requested by the municipality, the certificate will be issued by the regional government (in Catalonia the Generalitat).

This report takes into consideration:

  • How many people live in the house
  • How big the house is
  • The number of rooms and what each one is used for
  • The general conditions of that house

Economic means

Finally, perhaps the most important requirement: demonstrating the possession of economic means.

We can divide them into two parts: those that the person reunifying must fulfill and those of the one being reunified:

  • On the one hand, the general objective is to be able to demonstrate a maintenance perspective by the one reunifying.
  • And, on the other hand, to prove that the one being reunified really needs to be reunified.

Let’s look at the two parts separately:

Economic requirements for the one regrouping

As we have said, the crucial thing here is to demonstrate that we can take care of the family member we are bringing to Spain. For it:

  • We will need to submit our work contract. It is important that it is indefinite or at least for one year. If it will expire in a month, the application will be rejected
  • Bring the last 6 payrolls
  • A working life report
  • Last income statement
  • Demonstrate the possession of 150% of the IPREM if we bring a single family member. For each additional one, we will add 50% to that amount

* Keep in mind that income coming from unemployment benefits or subsidies won’t be considered here.

Economic requirements for the one being regrouped

It will be important that the regrouped can demonstrate, to some extent, the need to be regrouped and maintained economically by the one reunifying in Spain.

That is why, if the person we want to bring has a work contract in her country of origin, pensions that allow her to live well, or bank accounts with enough money/income, it is possible that the application will get rejected.

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requirements family reunification visa in Spain

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