Spanish Citizenship and Having a Job Contract

Spanish citizenship job contract

Many foreigners wonder whether their application for Spanish nationality will be denied as they do not have an employment contract or sufficient economic means. But is it really a doubt to have, and is an employment contract required to successfully apply for nationality in Spain? Find out the answer next.

Until 2015 in Spain it was necessary to demonstrate sufficient economic means in order to successfully apply for Spanish nationality.

That is, it was a crucial requirement to demonstrate a stable employment situation (either working for a company or as a freelancer), or to demonstrate sufficient sources of income.

Thus, the employment contract was a key requirement to obtain Spanish nationality.

However, when the Royal Decree 1004 of 2015 (a regulation that regulates the current law of citizenship by residency) came into force, these economic means were no longer required in the applications.

That is why today it is NOT necessary to provide an employment contract to apply for Spanish nationality.

You will not have to provide a work contract, nor a tax return, nor documentation proving that you are self-employed worker, nor any other document that certifies any other means of livelihood.

That is to say, if you are unemployed you can perfectly apply for the nationality, and get it successfully!

However, these economic means (in case you have them) could be useful for you. If you want to know how, read on.

The purpose of demonstrating economic means in your application

One of the most important requirements to apply for nationality has always been the foreigner’s ability to demonstrate that she is integrated with Spanish society.

That is to say, that she has not only resided in the country for a certain period of time, but that she has also been able to generate closer ties with the Spanish society and that they are more deeply rooted.

To this end, the government originally understood that one of the greatest examples of integration with the country was to have an employment contract with a Spanish company.

However, as we have seen, this is no longer the case today.

Today, passing the two nationality exams (the sociocultural and language ones) is sufficient proof to demonstrate this deep link with the country.

How to use a job contract to your advantage to obtain nationality

So far we have seen that it is NOT necessary to provide any type of proof confirming that you have sufficient financial means for your Spanish nationality application.

However, and even though it is not mandatory, having these means could be used in your application and in your favor.

And that is why those economic means (no matter what type they are) can become a complementary extra that positively adds to your application.

That is to say, it would be an extra that could end up securing your application since, although it is not currently a requirement, it never hurts to provide them in case you have them so that the administration can view your file with more favorable eyes.

Obviously, if you do not have them, this section is not for you. But if you do not, include them in your application and give your file that “something” extra.


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Spanish citizenship job contract

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