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Stay in Spain for up to 2 years

The student permit will allow you to study for your degree, masters or P.hD. for two years (with the possibility of renewal)

Also valid for research

The student visa will also allow you to legally reside in Spain if you are in charge of conducting research in the country

Work up to 30 hours per week

Besides studying, this visa will enable you to work up to 30 hours per week

Get the work permit afterwards

Once you have finished your studies you will have easy access to the work permit in Spain and stay for the long run in the country.

Bring your family with you

Apply for the student visa together with your family and let them also get their residence permit in Spain.

visado de estudiante en espana

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Study or conduct research in Spain with the Student visa

If you are a NON-EU citizen who is planning to live in the Spanish territory for more than three months, then you need a residence permit. If you are considering moving into Spain in order to study, the Student Visa in Spain is your best option.

Who is the Student Visa in Spain for? For those foreigners who will undertake their studies in an educational center (being public or private) or who will conduct any kind of research.

Which are the required documents for this permit?

• Copy of the passport
• Criminal records
• Medical certificate
• Acceptance letter from the academic institution
• Proof of the required fee payment
• Proof that the applicant has sufficient means

Have you already finished your first year as a student?

Then you can apply for the residence permit as a student looking for a job in Spain, which will allow you to extend the duration of your stay in the country one additional year. Once that year ends, you will be able to get the work permit.

Demonstrate the possession of 7200€
Show proof of having passed your last unversity year
Stay in Spain for one whole year looking for a job or starting your own company
How will you benefit by getting the student visa with our team?

We will help you with the whole initial application for your residence permit process plus the renewal (if needed).

You would just need to sign. We will fill out for you all the necessary documents and send them to the competent authority.

We will be in charge of all the legal translations into Spanish needed during the application procedure.

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How can I get the Student Visa in Spain? Let us help you.

We will manage the whole process for you and save time while obtaining your residence permit as a student.

Frequent asked questions about the student visa

Can I study in Spain without a visa?

No. You will need to apply for your student visa in order to become a legal resident during the time in which you will be coursing your degree/course/masters/P.hD.

Nevertheless, if your course or studies take less than 90 days, there is no need to get it. You will have enough time with your tourist visa. 

Can I stay in Spain after graduation?

Your student visa is linked to the duration of your studies.

This means that, once your first year of classes is finished, you will have to renew and extend the duration of your student visa.

Furthermore, you can also move to a work permit (something you can do no matter the duration of your studies) or get back to your origin country after graduating. 

Do I need a NIE number to study in Spain?

Yes. The NIE is the basic ID number that any foreign citizen needs in Spain. Nevertheless, you will obtain it directly once you get your visa. The extra step you will need to take is to get the TIE (the actual card that contains the NIE). 

Can I get a job that is not the internship one?

Yes. The student visa allows you to internship and to have another job. And that without the need of getting a residence and work authorization like a work permit  from scratch. 

Can foreign students work in Spain?

Yes. Foreign students can work in the country with their student visa. They are allowed to work for a maximum of 30 hours per work, and also to internship both under curricular and extracurricular job contracts. 

Bear in mind that in the case of doing a curricular internship, you will need a contract signed between your university and the company you will be working for. 

And for the extracurricular ones, if your job occupies the vast majority of you time, your employee must initiate a legal application procedure at the Immigration Office. 

Furthermore, students can also ask for a residence permit to internship in the country, moving out from their current student visa and obtaining a residence authorization that allows them to work.  

How many hours per week am I allowed to work?

You are allowed to do a total of 40 hours per week taking into consideration both hours at class and hours worked. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the total amount of hours you can internship per week is 30. This means that if you just go to class 5 hours per week, you can’t work 35. Only 30. 

In the case of doing an internship, it will be the university the one defining the total amount of time you are allowed to work. 

Are all studies valid?

As a general rule, yes. All studies will be valid for your application (whatever level they are), as long as they are not online, and are registered in the Official Public Registry. 

You can find here the complete list of requirements that your training must meet to be valid.

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