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Study in Spain with the Student visa

Any non-EU citizen who is planning to live in the Spain for more than three months, will need a residence permit. If you are considering moving into Spain to study in an educational institution (public or private), Spain’s Student Visa is your best option.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to learn and live in Spain, experience its culture, and meet its locals, Spain’s this visa is great because it lets you:  

Stay in Spain for up to 2 years

The student permit will allow you to study for your degree, masters or P.hD. for two years (with the possibility of renewal)

Work up to 30 hours per week

Besides studying, this visa will enable you to work up to 30 hours per week

student visa spain
spanish student visa

Bring your family with you

Apply for the student visa together with your family and let them also get their residence permit in Spain.

Get the work permit afterwards

Once you have finished your studies, we can help you modify to a work permit and stay in the country for the long run.

How would you benefit from applying with us?

We will help you with the entire initial application for your residence permit process plus the renewal (if needed).

We will fill out all the necessary documents for you and send them to the competent authority. You would just need to sign.

We will be in charge of all the legal translations into Spanish necessary during the application procedure.

Student Visa Requirements

  • Passport
  • Clean criminal records
  • Medical certificate
  • Full-coverage public or private health insurance in Spain, without co-payments 
  • Acceptance letter from the academic institution you will be studying in
  • Proof that the applicant has sufficient economic means (100% of the IPREM monthly) 
  • For higher studies, the homologation or validation of your university degree, if you obtained it in your country of residence
  • Form Ex-00, filled-out
  • Proof of the required fee payment
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We will submit all your documents online

Our team will take care of sending the application or renewal documents for your application completely online, so that you can get residency without leaving your home.

Have you already completed your studies?

Then, you can extend your student visa through Spain's job seeking visa. This will allow you to stay for up to two more years to find a job or start a company, then transition to a work permit. Read our article to learn more!

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How to apply for a Student Visa in Spain? Let us help!

We will manage the entire process for you, so that you obtain your residence permit as a student with ease.

Frequently asked questions about the student visa

✈ Do I need a student visa to study in Spain?

Yes, you need a student visa to legally stay in Spain while you take your degree/masters/PhD.

The only time you won’t need a student visa is if your course takes less than 90 days. You’ll be able to complete it with the tourist visa. 

✈ Can I apply for a student visa while in Spain?

Yes, you can apply for a student visa while in Spain. You can submit your application a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 30 days before your classes start. 

Keep in mind that you cannot apply for this visa if you are in an illegal situation. 

✈ Do I need a NIE number to study in Spain?

Yes. The NIE is the basic ID number that is required of any foreigner in Spain. You will obtain it directly once you get your visa. 

What you will need to apply for is the TIE. This is the physical residency card that contains your NIE. 

✈ Can I work in Spain with a student visa?

You can work in Spain with a student visa if you are taking higher studies (i.e. a bachelors degree, masters, or PhD). 

You will have a maximum of 30 hours per week to work or intern. However, the work hours should not coincide with class hours. 

✈ Can I stay in Spain after my student visa expires?

No, you cannot stay in Spain with an expired student visa. Its duration of your student visa is linked to the duration of your studies.

If your studies are extended, you can request for an extension and renew your student visa

If you want to stay after even after your studies are completed, there are ways to modify to a work permit. You can also opt for the residence permit to intern. 

✈ Are all studies valid for a student visa?

As a general rule, yes. All studies are valid for your application, as long as they are not online, and are registered in the Official Public Registry. 

If you would like to know the specifics of what constitutes a valid course, click here. 

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