Temporary or Provisional NIE: What it is and How to Apply for it

Temporary NIE in Spain

Are you a foreigner who would like to participate in legal procedures or transactions in Spain, but do not plan to live in the country? Then keep reading! 

If you have ever considered obtaining the temporary or provisional NIE to be able to carry out a series of activities in Spain, in this article we will provide you with the necessary information. 

What exactly is the temporary NIE? How do you apply for it? When does a temporary NIE expire? What are its uses? These are just some of the things we’ll discuss. Let’s start.

The temporary NIE is a document issued by the Spanish authorities for individuals who, temporarily, need to establish their identity in the country. 

Just to be clear, whether or not you are an EU citizen, you will need a NIE if you are a foreigner in spain. The NIE in Spain has two types: the Resident NIE and the Non-Resident or Temporary NIE. You can read about the difference between a resident and a non-resident here

As you already know, this article is on the temporary NIE. 

Although its validity lasts for a certain period of time, the temporary NIE plays a fundamental role in various legal and economic situations. For example, buying property in Spain

However, it must be noted that one cannot legally work in Spain with a temporary NIE. 

To obtain it, you must present a series of documents that support the need to stay in the country for a certain period. 

This procedure is usually carried out at police stations or at the corresponding immigration offices. It is important to provide the necessary information about the circumstances that will justify the request for this document.

Who can apply for the provisional NIE?

This document is granted to foreigners who are in Spain for a limited period of time and wish to carry out specific activities, such as opening a bank account, signing a contract, enrolling in an institution, or participating in financial transactions. 

It is important to note that the temporary NIE does not confer legal residence in Spain, but is used to identify the individual who wishes to stay in the country for a period.

Foreign citizens can obtain the temporary NIE without any problems. This is an essential requirement to register with Social Security and, subsequently, obtain the European Union citizen certificate.

How long is the temporary NIE valid for?

The temporary NIE, especially for those who don’t intend to reside in Spain, is granted with a validity of three months. 

As for the expiration of the NIE, there’s a common misconception. After this initial period, if the individual still requires the NIE for further procedures, it must be renewed to maintain its legal validity. 

However, it’s important to note that the NIE number itself remains constant; only the document containing it needs renewal if necessary.

Where can the provisional NIE procedure be done?

The temporary NIE procedure is carried out in person and is not available online. If you are in Spain, you can go to the following offices to process your application: General Police Directorate, Immigration Offices, or Police Stations. 

We recommend that you come with a prior appointment, or otherwise, it will be more difficult for them to assist you.

However, if the foreign person is not in Spain at the time of the application, it is possible to apply for this identification number without physically being present in the country. 

There is the option to request the assignment of the NIE at the Spanish consular offices in the country of origin.

Or, on the other hand, one can grant power of attorney to a representative, such as our legal team, who can apply for it on their behalf in Spain, even if they are not in the country.

Documents to be submitted for the application

In case you are thinking of applying for the provisional NIE to establish yourself in Spain for a certain period of time and carry out some procedures, we inform you that these are the documents you have to submit for your application:

  • Application form in the official EX-15 model in duplicate, duly completed and signed by the applicant
  • Confirmation of the appointment at the competent place where you will proceed with your application
  • Full copy of the passport, identity document, travel document, or registration certificate, or identity document if you are a Union citizen
  • Exposition of the economic, professional, or social reasons supporting the request
  • Payment of the fee according to model 790 (Code 012) at any bank branch. The form is available for completion and download at the following link

When it comes to the duration of the application process, acquiring the NIE as a non-resident can be a relatively swift process. 

Typically, you can obtain it on the same day of your appointment at the Police Office. The primary delay might arise from securing the appointment itself.

Alternatively, if you apply through the Spanish Consulate in your home country, you can expect to receive the NIE via email approximately one week after submitting your application.

How much does this process cost?

To obtain this document, you must pay a fee of €9.74. This is the price of its management and you must do it in advance of the scheduled appointment. 

This prepayment process, through the corresponding form, is essential to expedite the processing of the NIE and must be done prior to the scheduled appointment to avoid setbacks in the management.

Now that you know all the information on how to apply for your temporary or provisional NIE, it will be easier for you to start the entire process. 

However, if you want experts in the field to carry out the entire procedure, contact us. We will be happy to help you and get your temporary NIE as soon as possible.

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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Temporary NIE in Spain