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Our team is composed of english speaking international lawyers who are specialized in different law fields. They say unity creates strength, so the union of all our knowledge at an individual level enables us to provide you with tailored solutions characterized by a complete vision.

40 years of experience working with people from more than 55 different nationalities

Our team has been able to work in cases very similar to yours. And it is thanks to this that we can understand you perfectly. Oh! And in case you had any doubts whether if you could understand us, we speak English, Russian, French, Catalan and Spanish.


Cristian Balcells

In charge of ensuring the union of all and keeping the energy of the team high. As a native of Barcelona, Cristian studied at the prestigious ESADE law school and also at the London School of Economics. He started doing internships in Geneva for the UN, specifically in the Human Rights Commission and also in the company SOLVAY IBERICA. Later, given his entrepreneurial nature, he started BALCELLS GROUP and INMIGRATION SPAIN. A lot of charisma, positive attitude and decisive character.

Marta Lamora

The ability of the company to put the client in the centre comes with her. Coming from Barcelona, Marta is a Law graduate from Universidad Pompeu Fabra, where she also completed her Master in Advocacy. She has previously worked on a Multinational Law firm dealing with various fields. Now she runs every business case efficiently. She is specialises in Civil Law. She is fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Jose Rodriguez

Want to start your company in Spain? Then you will get great help from him. After achieving this business degree and his master’s in ICEX-CECO, Jose gathered years of experience working at the accountancy department of different multinationals. Now, he is currently a part of the Accountancy & Business department, being fluent in Spanish and English.

Eduardo Herranz

Need help with immigration issues related to student visas, residencies and civil partnerships? Then Eduardo is your guy. He got his law degree at University of Salamanca; and just afterwards achieved his 2 postgraduate degrees, specializing in Civil and Mercantile Law. Now, with over 3 years of experience in the field, he can speak fluently in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Ilyana Mukhamedshina

Are you from a Russian speaking country? Then Yliana will take care of you. Coming from Astana, Kazakhstan, Ilyana has a double masters degree, she has over 15 years of experience working in various countries. Currently, she is in charge of the Russian Desk, and handles all the cases pertaining to that region, being specialized in immigration. She is fluent in Russian, English and Spanish.

Carme Llobet

Carme has a mind for numbers. Taxes and accounting operated with proficiency, that is her role. After achieving his Economics degree at Universidad de Barcelona, Carme embarked on 20 illustrious years of working for many multinational companies. She is now a senior member of our team, and as a true Barcelona native, she is fluent in Spanish, Catalan an English.

Gerard Martínez

Gerard is the person responsible to find people to whom we can help, and ensuring we are providing enough value to them. While coursing his business administration degree, Gerard started pursing his career in digital marketing. After a few years running the marketing for different companies as a freelance consultant, he entered into the law world. Gerard is fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English.

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