Non-lucrative Residency Visa

  • Easy application
  • Just 2 requirements
  • Stay in Spain for the long-run
  • Free movement within the EU
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What is the non-lucrative visa?

Spain may be one of the best countries to live in. Pleasant weather conditions, delighting gastronomy, and an overall enchanting vibe. Therefore, the Spanish territory may be the right choice for those foreigners considering living abroad for a long period of time. 

But, which is the best residence permit for me? If you have sufficient funds and are not planning to undertake any type of professional activity, the Spanish Non-lucrative Visa is the best option for you. This residence permit will enable you to stay in Spain during 1 year, with the possibility to expand your stay with the renewal process.

For whom is the non-lucrative residency ideal?

  • For those foreigners that would like to retire in the country
  • For non-EU citizens that have enough funds to sustain their living
  • For those who would like to spend their first year in Spain without working but possibly get a work permit afterward
non lucrative residency
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Required documents to get the non-lucrative visa

  • Copy of the Passport
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Health insurance contracted with a private Spanish company
  • Proof of funds (minimum €28.800 per applicant)
  • Criminal Records

Main benefits of the non-lucrative residency

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Bring your relatives with you

Besides your permit as the main applicant, you will also be able to request the residency for your spouse and children.

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Move freely within the EU

With this residency, you will be allowed to move inside all the countries that are part of the Schengen area

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Effortless application

Simply submit all the documents to the Spanish embassy, and after their approval, you will be able to travel to Spain and get your physical residency card

requirements non lucrative visa

Stay in Spain for the long run

Once your first year comes to and end, you will be allowed to renew until obtaining permanent residency in the country

How will you benefit by applying for the non-lucrative residence visa with us?

We will help you with the whole application process plus the renewal of the permit in order to expand your stay in the country.

We will be in charge of all the translations into Spanish for the required documentation throughout the whole procedure.

You would just need to sign. We will fill out for you all the necessary documents and send them to the competent authority.

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We will submit all your documents online

Our team will take care of sending the application or renewal documents for your application completely online, so you can get the residency without having to leave your home.

We will also help you out with your renewal

  • Enjoy an easy and fast renewal: stay in Spain for the long-run without worrying about the paperwork
  • We will make sure you meet all the requirements and apply for the non-lucrative renewal for you
  • If you prefer, we will help you to modify to a work permit (to start working for a company or as a self-employed worker)
  • We will get an appointment with the immigration office for you
  • And we will do everything online!
  • We will also help you to fulfill all your tax obligations and optimize them so that you don’t pay extra
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Frequently asked questions about the non-lucrative residency

Which are the main requirements to get the non-lucrative visa?

There are two main requirements you will need to fulfill in order to get this permit:

  • Demonstrate the possession of sufficient economic funds. We are talking about a 400% of the IPREM (30,000€ for a successful application). IN the case you would like to also bring any family member, that would imply en extra 100% (about 7,200€) for each of them. 
  • Having contracted a Spanish insurance policy. Without copayments, full coverage within the Spanish territory and with a private company in Spain. 

Should I have the money in a Spanish bank account?

No, or at least not in all the cases. You can have the money in any financial institution located in your origin country. The only thing you must make sure that the main application is the holder of the account in the banking institution. 

Nevertheless, bear in mind that in countries such as China or Russia it is required to have the money in a Spanish bank account. 

Here you can access one of our articles with expanded information regarding the financial requirements for this visa.

Can you get a work permit afterwards?

Yes. And, actually, that is something many foreigners do. They apply for their non-lucrative visa, and once the first year is over and you have renewed, they transition into a work permit

And the reason behind is simple: it will be much easy to get a work permit in Spain after having the non-lucrative residence than starting from scratch. And you can get a work permit as an employee or as a self-employed individual. 

How long does the application procedure take?

There are two different steps in the general application process. 

First of all, you will need to submit all the required documentation to the Spanish consulate located in your country of origin. You will get a positive or negative response from them in 2 to 3 months. 

After a positive response, you will get your visa. That will enable you to travel to Spain in order to register in to any city or town in the country, record your fingerprints and then get your residence permit after 30 days.

Can I invest in Spain with under the Non-lucrative residency?

Yes. Even though this visa does not allow you to work in the country, you can realize investments. For example, you can invest in stocks or funds in order to get an extra source of income. 

Can I get the non-lucrative residence permit after several years with the student visa?

No, you can’t. It is not possible to study several years with your student visa and then get the non-lucrative directly.

You will need to go back to your origin country and start the whole application procedure there; making sure you meet all the requirements outlined in this page. 

How to renew this card?

After 1 year in Spain with this residence card, you will need to renew it. This renewal will allow you to stay in the country for 2 additional years. Bear in mind that the renewal application must be submitted 60 days before or 90 days after the expiration of the card. 

The requirements are basically the same as the ones for the initial application, but with small nuances. For example, when it comes to demonstrating the possession of sufficient economic means, now you need to demonstrate double the amount (as the renewal is not for one but for two years).

If you want more information, you can access here a complete guide on how to renew the non-lucrative visa.


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