How to Renew your Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain

renew non lucrative visa

Without any doubt, one of the most pursued options for those willing to move Spain: the non-lucrative residency. However, although many times the initial application requirements are clear, how to stay in the country in the long term with this visa is not so.

Thus, in this article we will see, step by step, how to renew your non-lucrative visa in Spain. We will go over the main documents and requirements you will have to meet in order to stay in the country under this non-profit residency type.

After the first year with the temporary non-lucrative visa, you have two different options to continue living in Spain.

First, you can renew the residence card and extend your non-profit visa for two additional years. We will explore the requirements for this path later on.

But, on the other hand, you can also choose to modify your residency (instead of renewing it), and apply for a residence permit that allows you to work int he country.

These are the two alternative paths that any foreigner who entered Spain with this visa can choose. The requirements in each situation will be different.

However, this will be true for the main applicant and his/her spouse (in the case of a joint application). Minor children will continue to maintain a non-lucrative residence regardless of the path chosen by the parents.

When should I renew this visa?

As you know, the validity of the initial non-lucrative card, the one you get when we first entering Spain, is for one year

This card is called a temporary non-lucrative visa.

However, once this year comes to an end, you can renew it for two extra years; and once these two years are up, a final renewal for two more years.

This must be done 60 days before the end of the year or 90 days after the expiry date.

After the end of this period (you will already have been in Spain for a total of 5 years), you can apply to get the long-term residency.

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Requirements to renew the non-lucrative residency

Basically, to renew this card you must demonstrate that all the requirements that you had to meet for the initial application are still valid.  Nevertheless, there are some differences:

Sufficient economic funds

Demonstrating economic solvency is one of the main requirements for obtaining this visa.

On your initial application, this translated into a 400% of the IPREM for the main applicant, and 100% for each extra family member included in the joint application. In short, an amount greater than 28,800 euros.

Thus, if you want to renew this visa,  you must prove that you maintain these same conditions.

However, as the validity of the renewed visa will be 2 years instead of 1, you will now have to prove double the economic means: 800% of the IPREM.

That is to say, 57,600 euros.

In the case of having come with your spouse and/or children, you will also need to double the amount required for them.

Health insurance

This is common with the initial application. You must be able to demonstrate you still possess a health insurance contract as a foreigner.

Being a resident

This residence permit requires you to be a legal resident. That is, to remain more than 183 days a year in the Spanish territory.

That is why if when you present your renewal you cannot prove that you have been in the country for those 6 months, your application will most likely be rejected.

For this purpose, you can provide bank statements or invoices, either for your telephone line or electricity.

It is important to take into account that the reference year starts from the date of obtaining the residence card until 365 days later.

In other words, it does not coincide with the calendar year.

For more information regarding the maximum length allowed outside Spain until your card gets extinguished, you can visit this article.

Habitability certificate

If you have come to Spain with your children, you must provide a certificate of occupancy.

This document proves, once the dimensions and conditions of your home have been indicated, that it meets the minimum requirements for all members of the household to live together adequately (under porper housing conditions).

Your children must go to school

Again, if you have come to Spain with your children and they are of compulsory school age, you must show that they are enrolled in school and attending classes regularly.

This is achieved with a certificate from the school.

Lack of debt with the Tax Agency or Social Security

Another requirement that the administration will review in order to accept your renewal is the one that refers to your tax debts.

In that sense, you will not be able to have any kind of debt with the Spanish Tax Agency or with Social Security for a successful renewal.

This includes, for example, non-payment of fines, fees, or any similar other similar liability with the government.

Criminal and police records

Finally, another requirement that can be also found in the initial application process. 

It is important not to have any kind of legal trouble with the Spanish justice system in order to renew this visa.

That is, no criminal or police records in Spain.

Modifying to residence and work authorization

So far we have seen the process for renewing the temporary non-lucrative residence for a two-year period.

However, there is also the possibility that instead of wanting to renew this type of visa, you may prefer to modify it to a permit that also allows you to work (something that by the very nature of the nonprofit residency is not possible).

Let’s look at the two possibilities you have in this regard.

Moving to work permit as an employee

Firstly, you can change your non-lucrative visa to a work permit as an employee (“por cuenta ajena”).

This will allow you to work in any company in the Spanish territory.

The main requirement will be to get a job offer consisting of at least one year and a full-time job of 40 hours per week.

And it can be work inside any activity or sector.

Moving to work permit as a self-employed

On the other hand, you can modify your visa and move to a self-employed work permit (“por cuenta propia”).

This will be the case if you start your own business project or register as a self-employed individual (autónomo in Spanish).

In this case, the requirements consist of presenting a business plan and proving that you have sufficient financial means to be able to finance the project.

In addition, your personal CV and a certificate from the Self-Employed Workers Association in Spain stating that the project is viable will be required.

Legal process to renew step by step

As mentioned above, within 60 days before or 90 days after the expiration of the temporary non-lucrative residence permit, the foreigner must submit the renewal application.

To do so, he must make an appointment and submit the required documentation to the corresponding immigration office located in his region.

It will be there where he will submit the application form EX-01 and proof of payment of the corresponding fee.

Nevertheless, there is also the option to submit your application online; provided that you have a digital certificate. Our lawyers can help you do that.

Once the renewal has been presented, the administration has 3 months to issue a response, either positive or negative.

If the foreigner does not receive any notification within this period, the renewal will be accepted by administrative silence.

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renew non lucrative visa

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