Top 10 Best Things About Spain that Will Make You Love the Country

top 10 things about spain

You may have heard that many consider Spain paradise. In fact, if you check migration movements in the world, you will discover how the vast majority of foreigners choose the Spanish territory as their new country of residency.

But, why? Why does it attract so many tourists every single month? What makes Spain so famous in the world?

In this article we will solve that mystery once for all. We will go through the top 10 best things in Spain that will make you fall in love with the country. A complete list containing what makes it really unique and amazing.

Are you ready?

One may be tempted to say that the underlying reason that makes Spain famous is its geographical position.

This has enabled the country to develop a delicious cuisine, offer perfect weather and temperature opportunities during the whole year, and be populated by charming and open individuals.

Nevertheless, others will say that you cannot define the wonders of a country in general terms. You need to be specific for that. Is it each and every single small detail and peculiarity that creates the general and magic end result.

That is why we created this list.

After many years working as immigration lawyers dealing with individuals from all around the world, we have finally understood. 

We have come to the conclusion that there is a specific set of things that make it inevitable to fall in love with it. A group of reasons that makes it nearly compulsory for those foreigners who visit the country just once to feel the desire to establish themselves in the country forever.

And that learned list is what comes next. 

But be careful! You can experience a huge need to move to Spain after reading each of the elements of the following list.

1. Barcelona

best things about spain

It was nearly mandatory to start with this one, and not only because our offices are located in this city.

The truth is that Barcelona embodies everything good the country has to offer. And that partially explains the nearly exponential growth of tourists the city is experiencing.

We can try to outline everything good about the city, but only way in which you will really understand why this city is so special is visiting it by yourself.

But let’s try it either way.

First of all, it offers a varied landscape, combining sea and amazing beaches with a mountain background. It is possible to go hiking to Montserrat, a mountain close by, and enjoy a fully nature experience.

But then, you also have its unique vibe and charm. A vibe that delights you during the day with its restaurants and Gaudi’s monuments, and thrills you at night with the party lifestyle that makes the city so lively.

As the list could go on and on, we developed an article in which we specifically talk about the pros and cons of Barcelona, which you can find here.

2. Siesta

what makes Spain famous

These mid-afternoon naps are a common habit in Spain. There’s no way of conceiving your day if it does not include a small siesta.

They can be as short as 30 minutes just to recharge batteries. But they can also take up to 2 or 3 hours for the laziest ones.

Of course during weekdays they are not a common thing, unless your working schedule allows you to (in which cases it will definitely happen).

Nevertheless, siestas are like a national sport during weekends.

After all, its a logical consequences of the relaxed and laid-back spirit the Spanish population has.

But, on the other hand, sciences backs its effectiveness. It points out how much more productive you can be after a short 20 min nap.

3. Spanish football

top best things about Spain

For many in the country it is perceived as a religion. In Spain, football is the king when it comes to sports.

And it’s not strange: the Spanish football league is one of the best in the world, housing some of the best players from all time.

Just check the statistics when “El Classico”, the famous match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, takes place. Millions of eyes from all around the world are watching expectantly.

It’s a truthful and unique experience attending to any football match in the country.

Because no matter to which stadium you attend, you will always encounter a devoted fanbase.

Don’t worry if you are not much into this sport. You will always remember the experience.

Besides, it is a topic that dominates many of the daily conversations spaniards have. On bars, the streets, restaurants… It’s omnipresent.

So you better understand what they are talking bout!

4. Summer in the islands

best things about spain

Another thing that makes Spain famous is its archipelago blessing: its two groups of islands.

We talking about both the Canary and the Balearic Islands, two destinations that become the holiday homes for many tourists around the world.

Who does not know Ibiza and its parties? And Lanzarote and its volcanic landscape?

It’s like being in the Caribbean… while enjoying the wonders of the Spanish culture at the same time. What a great combination!

And if you are able to avoid the main touristic areas, you can get delighted with the unique and unspoiled landscapes that Formentera, Cabrera or Menorca have to offer.   

Resting under the sun in any of this islands really feels like paradise!

After visiting them you will understand why many expats choose to retire there.

5. Mediterranean food

best things Spain

For many the best thing in Spain.

Because maybe there is no other place in the world in which you’ll leave a restaurant with such a feeling of having eaten a lot of delicious food at a really cheap price.

And that’s because the food offering in Spain not only tastes amazing, but it is also capable of creating truly unique lunch or dinner moments.

First of all you have a wide variety of restaurants in any city you visit. Some more fancy, others more traditional. But they all have something in common: it’s impossible to leave without a negative feeling.

Both food and quality of the service are exceptional.

Secondly, you have unique dishes that have traveled the world, feeding nationals and foreigners alike.

We are referring to the famous Paella (a real icon from the country), tapas (which have created their own meal occasion), or crema catalana (the famous dessert).

Finally, the icing of the cake: the price at which you can enjoy all of that. You can take pleasure in all those delicious foods trough complete 10€-12€ lunch menus (including water and bread). 

And if you go shopping, 50€ will be more than enough to completely feed your fridge for one week.

6. Culture and architecture

best things in Spain

No matter where you go, you will find it.

Go to the northeast part and get delighted with the amazing architecture of Sagrada Familia. Go to the south and enjoy an amazing visit to the Alhambra in Granada. Go to the north and discover the Cave of Altamira.

Spain is a living museum where you can discover and learn lot. Its regions encompass a really long tradition that has survived until today.

That is why you will always need extra time to visit all the different monuments and historical attractions that are scattered through the Spanish territory.

You will always have an amazing weekend plan, or traveling options within the country. Its landscape is completely diverse and full of attractions to discover.

Perhaps what’s most important is not only the fact that many of those iconic places are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But also that they have been preserved until the current era.

7. Local "fiestas"

why spain is famous for

Fiestas are nothing more that special local celebrations that take place during the year in each of the different Spanish regions.

Each Autonomous region (and even each city/town) has their own thing, and is completely amusing to be part of that.

In fact, if you ever get the chance to experience any of these local fiestas in the country, you’ll see how that is something unique you will always remember.

Everyone gets on the street, stay together with a really fun and party vibe, which creates a charming atmosphere that drags you in.

The vast majority of this festivities have a religious background. But they are all completely different from what you are used to see.

Some examples?

In Valencia you have the well-known Fallas, a giant puppet parade that gets burn afterwards. Tenerife has its peculiar Carnival and Pamplona offers the famous Bull Run.

Indeed, each “fiesta” is something amazing and unique. That is why it attracts the attention of many foreigners worldwide who visit the country just to be part of those singular events.

8. Wine

what are the best things in spain

Who has never tasted a Rioja and though was in heaven?

The truth is that Spain is really famous for its wine, which exports overseas to every single corner of the world.

It is the 3rd country in the world when it comes to wine manufacturing, and the extension of its vineyards is amazingly extensive.

Even though both white and rosé are produced in the country, it is most famous for the red ones.

The main regions that produce, and hence give name to the main wines in the country, are la Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Priorat.

Hence, you can’t even start to consider a meal at any restaurant if it does not contain a glass of wine.

It has become the perfect companion for every single lunch or dinner, even acquiring a “must have” status.

9. Andalusia

spanish best things

The south of Spain is a really iconic area. With its own style and architecture, people there are the most extrovert and talkative in the whole country.

As the saying goes, Andalusía has a special color.

And that is the color that houses flamenco, the typical Spanish musical genre that has become a real icon of the country.

It basically combines a musician playing the guitar virtuously, someone playing the cajón flamenco, voice and the typical dancer dressed up in colorful red dresses.

Flamenco is simply a reflection of the spirit of the peoples in Andalusia. A viby place that will touch your heart.

As we understand it is really hard to choose one, what we suggest is that you devote 2 to 3 weeks to tour the whole region.

But make sure to visit Malaga, Granada and its Alhambra, Sevilla and its Giralda, Marbella and its Puerto Banús.

Without any doubt, each of this places are something you must include on your bucket list.

10. Nightlife

Best Spanish things

There’s no empty streets at 5 am. The Spanish nightlifes may be one of the most active in the entire world.

Because yes, Spain has gained the fame of being a place to party. And places like Ibiza, full of famous DJ’s the whole year around are good proof of that.

But you don’t need to go that far to experience what partying at night in the Spanish territory is like.

Cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia also offer unique clubs and bars.

And then you have the rest of the country, including southern areas and the northern coastline, with its unique partying style.

You won’t get the full picture unless you enjoy the country both during day and night.

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top 10 things about spain

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