UGE-CE in Spain: Large Business Unit & Strategic Sectors

UGE-CE in Spain

Nowadays, there are many procedures that this institution manages, and in this article you will understand why its plays such an important role.

The UGE or Unit of Large Companies and Strategic Sectors in Spain is today one of the most important intermediaries for many immigration matters concerning visas and the process of moving to Spain.

Below you will discover what this institution is in charge of exactly, what are its contact details and online platform, all residencies it directly processes, and all the advantages it offers to foreigners.

The UGE or Large Business Unit and Strategic Groups in Spain is an institution that was created in 2007 to manage the different procedures required by those companies that need foreign workers, by foreigners with a qualified professional profile that want to start living in Spain, as well as by investors and other similar groups.

It is an institution that depends on the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

More precisely, the UGE is in charge of managing the applications for all visas under the Entrepreneur’s Law in Spain.

In other words, it facilitates the procedures and formalities for entrepreneurs, international workers moving to Spain, researchers, artists, investors, and professionals with university degrees or higher qualifications.

And this is a very important point, because unlike all residencies regulated under the general immigration law, all visas that this institution is responsible for approving offer considerable advantages.

Would you like to find out what those advantages are? Then read on!

Location and contact details

The UGE is located at Plaza de la Remonta, 8, 28039 Madrid.

However, for some time now, all inquiries and consultations must be made online through the following e-mail address.

Contact phone numbers: 91 363 32 75 / 91 363 32 67


Large Business Unit in Spain

Which are the visas managed by the UGE?

As mentioned above, the UGE-CE is the Institution that reviews all visa applications under Law 14/2013 (Law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization).

More specifically, you will need to send your residency application to the UGE if you want to apply for any of the following permits:

Main benefits of applying through the UGE-CE

If your profile fits with what is established under the law 14/2013 and therefore you can obtain your residency through this institution, you will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Apply directly from Spain. Unlike other residence permits whose application process must be initiated in the country of origin, visas reviewed by the UGE can be obtained directly by entering Spanish territory as a tourist.
  • Fast track-visas. Any of these visas enjoy an express procedure. That is, one of its main advantages is how quickly the foreigner can obtain a favorable resolution, with deadlines equivalent to just 20 days.
  • Initial residence for 2 years instead of one. So the first renewal will take place later in time.
  • There is no need to take into account the national unemployment situation for the application for a work permit.
  • Joint application with your family. You will be able to include your spouse and children in the application so that they can also get their residency at the same time (and with no extra requirements).
  • Intra EU mobility for ICT EU residence permits.

Need help with your application? Ask our lawyers or keep on reading for more information:

Download UGE's application forms here

In order to obtain any residence permit in the country, it is necessary to fill out a specific application form and submit it to the corresponding office.

In this case, these forms are different and specific to the Large Business Unit procedures.

Including this document will be essential for a successful application.

Which are those specific forms?

First of all, there is the MI-T application form, which you will have to fill in for your initial application, marking the corresponding box according to the type of visa under the Entrepreneurs Law you want to apply for. You can download it here.

Then you will find the MI-TIE model, which you will have to fill in to apply for your physical residence card once you get a favorable resolution. Access this form here.

In case you make a joint application and bring your family members with you, they will have to fill in the following document (form MI-F).

If you don’t speak Spanish, you can also access the English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic versions of these forms here.

Cómo consultar tu solicitud en la Unidad de Grandes Empresas

If you have already submitted your application to the Large Business Units, you will be able to check the status of your process completely online.

To do so, simply click on this link, and you will see the following:

You will have to click on “Consultar Estado Solicitud y Acuses de Recibo“, and after entering your digital certificate or cl@ve you will access the status of your file.

It’s that easy!

And remember that if you have any questions, our immigration lawyers are at your complete disposal.

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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UGE-CE in Spain

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