Immigration Fee 790 052 in Spain

immigration fee 790 052

Whether you are applying for your residence permit for the first time or renewing it, you will have to pay this tax. In this article we are about to explore everything you need to know about the 790 fee model 052 required for your immigration procedure in Spain: where and when should you pay it, your 2 options for doing so, and exactly how much it costs this year.

The 790 052 immigration fee is an administrative tax that you must pay to the immigration office when submitting your immigration application for an initial residence card, renewal, or extension in Spain.

That is to say, in any of these procedures, in addition to the complete list of requirements to apply for each residency, you must also pay this fee as an extra requirement since it corresponds to the different managerial tasks undertaken by the Spanish Administration when receiving your application.

It is important not to confuse this fee 052 with the model 790/012, which as we have already seen in many of our articles, is paid at the time of applying for the physical residence card (TIE) and registering your fingerprints at the police station.

Thus, the 790/052 fee is an amount that you will have to pay before: at the moment of submitting your file with all the documentation (something you will usually do online).

It is important to note that you will have 10 days to pay it after the admission of your application for processing.

¿Cómo se paga?

The first thing you must do to pay the 052 fee is to enter this link, select your province and fill in the form (selecting the type of authorization you are requesting).

You will then be able to download the document in pdf format (through the “Obtener Documento” button), print it, and go to any bank to make the corresponding payment.

However, you also have the option of paying it online through the AEAT payment gateway (in this case through the “Realizar Pago” button).

In any case, the key will be to get and save your receipt, an essential document that you must attach to your application.

How much does this fee cost? Exact rates

The exact price of this administrative fee varies according to the procedure that you are going to apply for.

That is to say, the cost will be one or another depending on the residence permit you are applying for (or renewing).

Below you will find a list with the different amounts depending on the procedure:

Stay extensions

  • Extension of a short-term stay: 17,15 €
  • Extension of a short-term stay with visa: 31,53 €
  • Extension of the stay authorization for studies, student mobility, internships, or volunteer services (main holder and his/her family members): 17,15 €

Authorizations to live in Spain

  • Initial authorization for temporary residence (except for exceptional circumstances): 10,72 €
  • Renewal of temporary residence authorization: 16,08 €
  • Temporary residence authorization for modification of residence authorization due to exceptional circumstances: 16,08 €
  • Independent residence of regrouped family members: 16,08 € 16,08 €
  • Authorization of temporary residence for exceptional circumstances: 37,52
  • Long term residence authorization and long term residence authorization-EU: 21,44 €

Residence and work authorization for exceptional circumstances: 10,72 €

EU registration certificate or Card of a family member of an EU citizen: 12,00 €

Other documents

  • Authorization for the registration of undocumented immigrants: 21,44 €
  • Registration certificate: 3,21 €
  • Authorization of return: 10,50 €
  • Exceptional authorization of entry or stay: 17,15 €
  • Allocation of a Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE) at the request of the interested party: 9,64 €
  • Certificates or reports issued at the request of the interested party: 7,17 €
  • Authorization for the issuance of a Letter of Invitation: 73,57 €
  • Invitation letter: 6,42 € 
  • Certification and breakdown for each document related to the Letter of Invitation: 1,07 €

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immigration fee 790 052

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