Arraigo for Studies in Spain

arraigo for studies

One of the new residency figures that are intended to be created with the new modification of the Immigration Law is the arraigo for training, a residence permit that will undoubtedly be very useful for many foreigners who are illegally in Spain by facilitating them the possibility of training and allowing them to get a work permit afterwards.

Although this figure is still within a draft (it is not in force or approved), in this article we analyze everything that has been published to date, including the requirements you must meet to successfully obtain it.

The arraigo for studies (or “arraigo para la formación”) will be a new type of residence permit for exceptional circumstances that will allow foreigners in an irregular situation in Spain who wish to begin training or studying to live legally in the country for 12 months (renewable).

Thus, the figures of the social, labor, and family arraigo will be accompanied by this new type of permit.

And the reason is very simple.

There are currently many jobs in Spain that are difficult to cover, and which are 100% necessary for the country’s economy.

For this reason, the government is planning to facilitate the obtaining of a work permit to fill these positions for those foreigners who are in an irregular situation in the country, and for this purpose it will help them get the required training.

Thus, although this permit will allow them to legally live in the country and study, it will not allow them to work (although, as we will see later, it will be the direct entry door to obtain a work permit later on).

Requirements to apply for the study arraigo

In order to apply for this arraigo for training purposes, 3 basic requirements must be met.

In the first place, and as with any type of residence due to exceptional circumstances, it will be essential to demonstrate continuous residence in Spain. In this case during the 2 years prior to the application.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you have no criminal records, nor in Spain nor in any other country in which you have been living during the last 5 years.

And, finally, the most important requirement and the one related to the studies. The foreigner must commit to:

  • Carry out training for employment, and this training must be regulated
  • To obtain an official certification of professional qualifications that is within the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications in the field of labor administration
  • To start a training that allows her to obtain a technical aptitude certification
  • To complete a professional qualification required to be able to work in a specific occupation

As you can see, it is possible to obtain this type of arraigo for training as long as studies are started in Spain.

But the most important thing is that the foreigner does not have to have already started them, he/she simply has to commit to doing it in the near future.

After 3 months of having achieved this permit, enrollment must take place in order to start the training in the center.

If the enrollment does not take place within this period, there will be an obligation to notify the immigration office, and the arraigo will be extinguished.

How to renew it and move to work permit afterwards

The first thing we must take into account is that the arraigo for training can be renewed (unlike the rest of the arraigos that require modifying to another type of residence directly).

Although this initial authorization is for 12 months, in those cases in which the studies are extended and last longer than this time, it can be renewed for an extra year.

However, and here comes the good news, once the studies are finished and the training is successfully completed, it will be possible to obtain a work permit for 2 years (renewable).

Here the foreigner will have to find a job offer to be able to change his residence and start working for a company, and he will have to do it during the validity of the training arraigo (and never after).

And it will be easy, since the only requirement of this job offer will be that it guarantees the minimum salary; currently €1,000 gross per month.

That is to say, as a conclusion, without a doubt one of the great advantages of this arraigo is that it will allow you to finally work in Spain and get your work permit.


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arraigo for studies

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