Main Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Spain

Advantages of being a digital nomad in Spain

Being a digital nomad and being able to travel around the world is a very attractive idea that captivates many people. You have the freedom to enjoy a place for a certain period of time, while you continue to work and generate income to be able to stay wherever you want.

There are many destinations chosen by these travelers, but Spain becomes one of the best countries to stay in. Its Mediterranean climate, its beaches, and the warmth of its people, make it one of the best places for digital nomads to settle. But what do you need to live in Spain? Is it easy to get a visa as a digital nomad?

If you are thinking of moving to the Iberian Peninsula but don’t know where to start, keep reading this article because we will tell you how to get the visa and the advantages that this country can offer you if you choose to stay in it.

Mediterranean countries are idyllic places for many tourists, as their precious climate, gastronomy, and culture make them perfect spots to enjoy and have a good quality of life. Spain stands out as one of the most sought-after destinations. Do you want to know why? Discover it!

  1. Spain has a welfare system that provides free access to education and medical services. It is a system based on contributions through taxes, guaranteeing social support and collective needs
  2. The cost of living in Spain is considerably lower than in other developed countries or European Union members. Covering basic needs, including housing rent, ranges between €1,500 and €2,500 per month
  3. As it is part of the European Union, Spain allows you to travel to other EU member countries without the need to apply for new permits. This advantage offers you the possibility to discover new places and enjoy them
  4. Spain stands out as one of the safest countries, with a high quality of life. Its crime rate, one of the lowest in Europe and the world, creates a tranquil environment perfect for both personal and professional development
  5. Spain’s Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures and sunny days throughout the year, is one of the best in Europe. Additionally, the Mediterranean cuisine, renowned for its richness and balance, as well as the variety of fresh and affordable products, make Spain one of the best destinations
  6. Spain offers tax advantages to digital nomads who are employed by a foreign company (meaning they are not self-employed), and have not lived in Spain for the last 5 years. They can pay a flat rate of 24% instead of the progressive rate that can reach up to 45% 

Which city should I live in as a digital nomad in Spain?

From the northern regions to the southern part of Spain, any place can be ideal for spending some time. However, it will be more of a matter for you to consider based on your preferences. Get properly informed to locate the destination that best suits you and your lifestyle.


Barcelona stands as a cosmopolitan city, inhabited by a diverse population of foreigners from around the world. Like in other cities, you can find ample access to a large number of services, training, and leisure activities. Additionally, various coworking spaces and cafes ideal for work are available.

Moreover, Barcelona offers the additional benefit of allowing you to choose between the beach or the mountains as your workplace. Which do you prefer?


Madrid, the capital and heart of Spain, concentrates most of the political and economic activity of the country. In this city, you not only find all the necessary elements to work from anywhere and at any time, but leisure is also constant. Furthermore, Madrid boasts an extensive community of foreign residents who are also open to living in other parts of the world.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are among the most popular destinations worldwide for digital nomads. The climate is pleasant all year round, and you will feel like you are on vacation at the beach at all times.

Moreover, residents can enjoy numerous coworking spaces and a solid internet connection on the islands. Whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your home or in nature, you will have connectivity and an optimal environment wherever you go.

So, if traveling while working is one of your dreams, trust our team of lawyers to inform and advise you on how to move to Spain and obtain your visa.

How to legally enjoy these advantages

As we have seen, there are many advantages to being a digital nomad in Spain. So then, what do you need to do to obtain the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa? What does the process look like? And who can apply for it? 

The Spanish digital nomad visa is a residency permit that allows non-European citizens to live and work remotely in Spain for a maximum period of 5 years.

This permit also allows the spouse and children to reside in the country. Therefore, the digital nomad visa is an excellent option for non-EU citizens who work remotely for foreign companies or clients. 

Given that Spain has emerged as one of the main destinations for remote workers, this visa allows the dreams of many to come true, as it facilitates the possibility of working and traveling at the same time.

Requirements to meet to obtain the digital nomad visa in Spain

In the event that you ultimately choose Spain as your chosen destination, you need to know that there are certain requirements you must meet:

  • If you are employed by a company outside of Spain, your company must state that they enable you to do remote work internationally
  • If you are a freelancer serving various international clients, the possibility for remote work must also be stated in an agreement with one of your clients
  • As a digital nomad, 80% of your total income must come from outside of Spain 
  • You must have had a professional relationship with your clients or employer at least 3 months before your application 
  • Your yearly salary must be at least €31,752, which is €2,646 per month
  • You shouldn’t have a criminal record for the last 5 years 
  • You must have private health insurance with full coverage in Spain 

You can apply for the digital nomad visa from your country of origin or directly from within Spain, as it falls under the Entrepreneur’s Law.

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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Advantages of being a digital nomad in Spain