Social Security Number in Spain

Social security number in Spain

Find out everything you need to know about the Social Security number in Spain, from what it is and why it is so essential for any foreigner who wants to work in the country, how to request it step by step (online or in-person), and what requirements you must meet to do so.

All in this article!

The Social Security number is an indispensable number that not only any foreigner, but also any Spanish national, needs if they want to start working in Spain.

Hence, if you are a foreigner and want to work for a company (or register as self-employed), the NIE number will not be enough. Your TIE or residence card will not be enough either.

Once you have obtained these two, you will have to apply for this number, which will help you be identified in the eyes of the Social Security and will be useful for a large number of procedures.

We are talking, for example, about signing an employment contract, receiving unemployment benefits, receiving a pension, benefiting from health care in Spain, etc.

That is to say, any procedure that regulates your professional relations in the country and those that depend on and are related to your contributions.

Without this number you will not be able to work legally, and although it is very simple to obtain, you must be sure to follow the steps detailed below.

Who can request it?

In general, if this is the first time you start working in Spain, it will be the employer (the company that hires you) who will apply for this number on your behalf, as this party is obliged to do so

This is unlike if you register as a freelancer, case in which you would have to do it on your own (online or in-person as we will see later).

Once obtained, this will be a number that will stay with you forever, as it does not expire and does need to be renewed. It will be your identification with the Spanish Social Security for the rest of your life in the country.

However, only those foreigners who have a work permit are allowed to apply for this number. Unless you have the right to work in the country and have the documentation to prove it, it will not be granted.

Required documents to obtain the social security number

Basically, to apply for the Social Security number you will need to submit the following 3 documents:

  • The TA.1 application form (which you can download here)
  • Your valid ID (DNI, passport, etc.)
  • Your work permit or residence card displaying and demonstrating your legal capacity to work in Spain

Step-by-step application process

Nowadays, the most common thing to do is to request your Social Security number online.

To do so, you must access the Social Security electronic headquarters through this link and select the option “Solicitar número de la Seguridad Social” in the drop-down menu.

It will be essential for this process to have a digital certificate or signature for the subsequent steps.

You will have to upload all the required documents (mentioned before), especially the work permit.

Conversely, it is also possible to apply for it in person at the Provincial Directorate of the Social Security Treasury that corresponds to your address.

You can find your nearest office here.

How can I check my social security number?

If you have forgotten or would like to know your Social Security number, you have it simple

Just click on this link, and after logging in with your credentials you will see the number appearing on your screen, and you will be able to download a report identifying you as a subject in your relations with Social Security.

However, keep in mind that there are a number of documents in which this number also appears and in which you can find it. We are talking about:

  • Your Spanish health card
  • Your work history report
  • Any of your employment contracts signed in Spain.

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Social security number in Spain

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