How to get a refund from an immigration fee wrongly paid

refund request for unduly paid immigration fees

Have you made a mistake in the payment of a fee for your immigration procedure and would like to claim it back? Then keep on reading. In this article you will find the step-by-step process to claim the incorrectly paid amounts so that you can receive the full refund, easily and completely online!

What should I do if I have paid the wrong fee? Can I get a refund?

Any immigration procedure requires the payment of a corresponding fee. We are talking, for example, about the case in which you submit your application for residency, or when you request an appointment to register your fingerprints and collect your TIE. Here you can find the complete list of fees with updated rates for 2022.

Whatever the procedure and the required fee, it is common to find cases in which the applicant makes a mistake in the payment.

An error that makes the payment invalid, among which we usually find:

  • Payment of a fee that did not correspond to the right procedure
  • Payment of amounts different from those actually requested for the procedure

In order for your application to be approved, it is essential to provide proof that you have paid the exact amount associated with the corresponding fee.

Otherwise, the application will be rejected, which is why this section is so important.

However, if you have made a mistake in this payment, you can recover the money and make the payment again, this time correctly.

Let’s see how.

How to request a refund for unduly paid feeds

If you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, good news.

The Public Administration has enabled a procedure that will allow you to claim and recover those unduly paid fees.

And without having to attend in person to any government subdelegation!

To achieve this goal, the first thing you should do is to download and fill in the application form for the refund of undue income, which you can find here:

Download your form here

In this form you will have to specify:

  • When exactly did you made the erroneous payment (date)
  • For what amount (how much you paid)
  • For which fee you paid it (if so, the wrong one)
  • And you must also enter your bank details in order to receive the refund

Once this document is duly completed, you must upload it through the online platform Redsara, which you can find here.

You will need to use a digital certificate or cl@ve to complete this procedure.

And that’s it!

If you have any doubts about your procedure, do not hesitate to contact our team of immigration lawyers. We will be happy to help you!

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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refund request for unduly paid immigration fees

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