Application Forms for your Immigration Procedure in Spain

immigration application forms in Spain

In order to carry out any immigration procedure in Spain, whether it is an initial application for your residence permit or renewal (for example), you will have to fill out and submit a specific application form that will vary depending on the type of residency you are applying for.

In this page, you will find all immigration application forms with a direct download link, as well as the procedure associated with each one of them.

With these forms, you will be able to apply for any type of visa or residence permit, as well as carry out extra procedures such as getting your return authorization, NIE, and much more.

In case you know which form you actually need, you just need to scroll down to the EX form you are looking for, click on the link, and download it instantly.

Otherwise, we have also attached a small description defining what each of the forms is used for. That way, you will be able to verify if you are downloading the appropriate one.

EX-00 Form

This form is used to apply for your stay authorization and for a stay extension. That is, for example, to apply for or renew your student visa, for research or exchange programes.

Download here the EX-00 form.

EX-01 Form

Form 01 is used to apply for the non-lucrative residency visa in Spain (i.e., a residency permit that allows you to live in the country but not to work as long as you have sufficient economic funds).

Download here the EX-01 form

EX-02 Form

If you wish to bring your relatives with you or you want to join your family members who are already in Spain, then you must. be aware that the family reunification visa requires this document.

Download here the EX-02 form.

EX-03 Form

EX-04 Form

If you wish to apply for residency to internship in Spain, this is the form you must fill in and submit. 

Download here the EX-04 form

EX-05 Form

The EX-05 form must be used by foreigners from outside the European Union who wish to obtain the EU Blue Card.

Download here the EX-05 form

EX-06 Form

To obtain your residence and work authorization for fixed-term employment.

Download here the EX-06 form

EX-07 Form

If you are going to start your own business or work as a freelancer in Spain, you must apply for the residence and self-employment work authorization through this form.

Download here the EX-07 form

EX-08 Form

Form 08 is required to obtain authorization for temporary residence and work in the framework of transnational services.

Download here the EX-08 form

EX-09 Form

For the application for a temporary stay or residency, with the exception of a work permit.

Download here the EX-09 form

EX-10 Form

This form, vastly used by many foreigners, is used to obtain a residence and work authorization for exceptional circumstances, i.e., what is called arraigo  (either social, labor, or family arraigo), as well as the residencey for international protection or humanitarian reasons.

Download here the EX-10 form

EX-11 Form

You have been living in Spain for at least 5 years, you will be able to apply for long-term residency or EU permanent residency (which will grant you the capacity to legally stay in the country for 5 extra years indefinitely). And that is done through form EX-10.

Download here the EX-11 form

EX-12 Form

This form is required to obtain a working authorization (“autorización para trabajar”); for example, applying for a full or part-time work permit for self-employment or employment purposes.

Download here the EX-12 form

EX-13 Form​

This is an indispensable form, since it is usded to obtain your return authorization. That is to say, the document you need in order to leave Spain and be then be able to re-enter back again while your residency card is being processed or renewed.

Download here the EX-13 form

EX-14 Form​

In this case, this document is used to request the prior report for the temporary movement of foreign citizens under 18 years old (” desplazamiento temporal de menores extranjeros”).

Download here the EX-14 form

EX-15 Form​

Another essential immigration form. With the EX-15 form, you can apply for your NIE (foreigner’s identity number, which you need for most legal procedures), either as a resident or as a non-resident.

Download here the EX-15 form

EX-16 Form​

The form required to obtain a registration card, which is called “cédula de inscripción” in Spanish (either initial or renewal) or a travel document (with or without return to Spain); in order to leave the Spanish territory and visit any specific countries.

Download here the EX-16 form

EX-17 Form​

The EX-17 form is the document you must submit at your closest immigration office when requesting your TIE or physical foreigner identity card (that is, the document that contains your NIE and residency type) when you register and associate your fingerprints.

Download here the EX-17 form

EX-18 Form​

This form is used both to get registered at the Central Foreigners Registry (“Registro Central de Extranjeros”) and to get your registry certificate as an EU citizen in Spain.

Download here the EX-18 form

EX-19 Form​

If you are willing to successfully obtain the community card (that is, the residence permit granted to non-EU relatives of an EU citizen living in Spain), you must formalize your application using form EX-19.

Download here the EX-19 form

EX-20 Form​

This immigration form is necessary to get the residency document under Article 50 TEU for UK citizens wishing to move to Spain.

Download here the EX-20 form

EX-21 Form​

Following on from the previous section, the EX-21 immigration form is used by third-country nationals who are family members of UK citizens and who also want to obtain their residency document in Spain regulated by Article 50 TEU.

Download here the EX-21 form

EX-22 Form​

In order to complete the application for the residence permit regulated through Article 50 TEU for UK frontier workers.

Download here the EX-22 form

EX-23 Form​

And, finally, application form EX-23 is essential so that both a UK citizen and her relatives obtain their TIE (after they have been granted residency).

Download here the EX-23 form

Form Under the Law for Entrepreneurs 14/2013

Finally, you may well want to apply for any visa or permit under the Entrepreneurs Law. These visas are requested at the UGE (“Unidad de Grandes Empresas”), and differ when it comes to their application procedure with the all permits under the general immigration law in Spain.

Thus, whether you want to apply for:

You will have to submit your application using the MI-T form, which you can download here.

Get legal assistance to properly submit your application

Remember that if you have any doubts about how to fill out the required immigration form, or you would like to get legal advice so your application gets successfully approved, our expert lawyers are at your complete disposal.

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immigration application forms in Spain

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