How to Renew your Residence Permit or NIE in Spain

renew your residence permit in Spain

Your residence card is about to expire. And you are wondering what to do to continue living in Spain legally as you were doing until now. You don’t need to worry: it’s an easier process than you think.

 In this article, we will explain, step by step, how to renew your NIE or residence permit in Spain

We will explore the main requirements according to your specific type of card, and a series of very useful tips that will undoubtedly help you out. 

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t really renew your NIE, but your TIE or foreigner’s ID physical card.

The NIE is the number that identifies you as a foreigner in Spain, and it will always remain the same.

Once you have been in the country for one year with your initial residence permit, you will most likely have to renew it (although there are some permits, such as the golden visa, which require that on the second one).

How to do it?

Although a few months ago the usual process was to make get an appointment at the immigration office, prepare all the documentation, attend in-person to submit all the paperwork and then wait for the resolution; now everything is much easier.

The vast majority of residence permits can be renewed online.

After the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown in the country, the government has expanded the list of procedures that can be done online, speeding up the situation for foreigners.

Thus, you can now submit your renewal online, and you will get an answer much faster than before.

All you need is a digital certificate. In case you do not possess one, you can contact our team of lawyers and we will submit the documentation for you.

Do you have any doubts? Get in touch with our immigration lawyers and receive personalized legal advice and all your doubts solved:

What do you need to renew your NIE?

In order to renew your NIE, you must basically meet all the requirements that you met when you initially obtained your residence card.

Hence, the exact requirements will depend largely on the type of authorization you possess. It won’t be the same for an investor visa than for a non-lucrative one.

And that is what we will analyze next.

However, there are a series of general requirements that, no matter what your specific card is, must be present.

If you want to renew your residence permit, you will have to comply with them:

  • No criminal records in Spain. That is to say, not to register minor offenses or issues of any type with the police or Spanish justice system. If you have any criminal records registered, we suggest you cancel them before submitting your application.
  • Not be a citizen of the European Union, Switzerland, or the European Economic Area.
  • You must not be prohibited from entering the country.
  • Provide a valid and up to date passport. If it has expired, renew it before starting the renewal of your residence card.
  • Be the holder of the residence permit that you intend to renew and be within 60 days before its expiration or 90 days after.
  • Have health care in Spain. This can be covered by social security if you are employed, or by contracting health insurance.
  • If you have dependent children, they must be in school while they are in Spain.
  • Fill in the official application form according to your residence. You can find the complete list here. As you can see, it is the same as the initial form you already submitted. You just need to check the box for the 1st or 2nd renewal this time.
  • Pay the relevant fees, the amount of which will vary according to your permit.
  • Avoid prolonged absences outside Spain, as that is a straightforward denial reason.

Let’s see what the specific requirements in each particular case.

Work permit as an employee renewal

The first case is that of the work permit as an employee (“por cuenta ajena”). How can it be renewed?

The first thing is that you need to have a job and offer valid for the duration of the renewal.

However, unemployment or welfare benefits are also valid.

Unless it is already the time for your permanent residence, this renewal will be for two years.

But there is another requirement that must be met. And in that sense, We encounter three different cases:

You have been working for 6 months or more

If you have been working for a minimum of 6 months, you are set to go. 

Having a job offer or keeping your contract will be enough to renew.

You have just been working for 3 months

But what happens if you’ve only worked for three months a year? The renewal is still possible.

But in this case, it will be essential that during the time you have not worked, you can prove that:

  • You have been looking for a jog (justified by the registration of unemployment).
  • You can justify the reasons why you have not worked in the company that offered you the contract you used to apply for your initial card.
  • You are working at the time of renewal; registered with social security and with a salary equal to or higher than the minimum wage in Spain.

You have not been working

Finally, If a foreigner is not working but meets the requirements for reunification, then it is also possible to renew the card, even if she does not meet the requirements for renewal. 

In those cases, the renewal is done by proving that the spouse can regroup him/her.

Work permit as a self-employed renewal

Here the requirements are more straightforward. 

To renew a self-employed work permit (“por cuenta propia”, as an autónomo), you must maintain the same employment relationship that gave rise to this residence permit in the first place.

In other words, you must continue to operate as a self-employed individual.

In order to do so, you must be up to date with the payment of taxes as an “autónomo” and not have any debts with the Tax Agency or Social Security. This is done by submitting your VAT, income tax, or corporate tax returns.

Finally, and as in the previous case, there is also the option of the spouse being able to demonstrate that he/she has sufficient economic resources to support you. Therefore, continuing with the professional activity would not be necessary for the renewal. 

However, in that case, he or she would only obtain a residence permit, and not a work permit, when renewing. 

Renew your work permit as a highly qualified worker

To renew this type of work permit, you will need to demonstrate and present the same requirements that were necessary for the initial application.

That is to say:

Firstly, the foreigner must provide the contract signed by the company or employer, guaranteeing his or her employability for the duration of the renewed card’s validity.

The salary established in the contract must be high enough. This is at least 1.5 times the average salary of the profession to be carried out. In this case, as the position is usually a manager or other technical position, this will be around 40,000 or 50,000 euros per year.

Again, submitting the documentation referring to the academic background of the worker, demonstrating that he or she has the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the job.

The foreign worker must be registered with the social security system.

As for the company, not only must it be up to date with its payments to the Tax and Social Security Agency, but it must also be able to demonstrate sufficient economic solvency to keep the worker on payroll during the established renewal period.

As we have mentioned, the documentation to be provided will be the same as in the initial application, with the difference that if the worker changes his company, he will have to provide the details of the new one. We are talking about tax identification data as a self-employed person/company (NIF, CIF, DNI), income tax declaration, VAT, company tax, or working life of the company.

The application form is EX-05.

renew residency in spain

Family reunification visa renewal

To renew a residence permit for family reunification, the requirements are identical to those of the initial application.

We are basically talking about three key points.

The first is to continue having proper housing conditions so that all of you who live together can do so in dignified conditions. If you have changed your address, you will have to request the habitability report again from the competent Autonomous Community.

Afterwards, the applicant must have sufficient economic means (100% of the IPREM). To prove this, at the time of renewal, a copy of the employment contract or the last personal income tax return if you are working for someone else; and if you are self-employed, the last personal income tax return and proof of your professional activity. If you do not carry out any type of activity, bank certification with the required amount of money.

Finally, the relationship must be maintained (marriage, civil union, etc.), and it will be necessary to accredit it.

All this will be formalized by means of the application form EX-02.

Non-lucrative residency renewal

Here you can find a complete guide on how to renew the non-lucrative residency.

However, in this section we will see one of the main requirements, the one that generates most doubts.

As you know, in order to obtain this type of residency it is essential to demonstrate the possession of a certain economic amount in your bank account.

If for the initial application you had to prove the possession of 28,800 euros in your bank account, at the time of renewal this amount goes up.

Why? Because the renewal is not for one year, but for two.

Therefore, the amount required is doubled; now requiring 57,600 euros.

Apart from that, make sure you still have health insurance, and the renewal will be yours.

In this case, we will use the EX-01 model.

How to renew the long-run/permanent residency

In the case of the long-term residency, and as long as you are on time, the renewal is much easier and direct.

You don’t need to prove you’ve been working in the country.

The only existing and crucial requirement will be to prove that you have been in Spain for 5 years continuously. That is to say, that you have not left more than 6 months in a period of one year (not continuous); or that the total amount of departures in the complete period does not exceed 10 months.

Here you will find an article here explaining in detail the maximum time you can be outside the country and still be able to renew; and here a complete guide on how to renew the long-term residency card step by step.

Finally, you will have to prove that you have not been banned from entering Spain, pay the relevant fee, and finally renew.

Family member of an EU citizen card renewal

If you have obtained the residence as a family member of an EU citizen, once your 5 years with it come to an end, renewing your community card is very simple.

You will simply need to prove that the link with the European Union citizen (usually your spouse) is still maintained, that you have not been outside Spain for longer than the time allowed, and fill in the EX-19 form.

As an exception, if you have separated or divorced your partner (European citizen), you can continue to renew it as long as you have lived together for at least 3 years within the 5 years granted with the initial card.

When can I renew my permit?

The general regime inside the Spanish immigration law establishes that your residence card can be renewed in the 60 days previous and 90 days after its expiration.

You have 5 months in total to do it.

However, we recommend that you start the process before the card expires.

Why? Because you may be fined for a late submission.

So be aware of the administrative deadlines for your renewal and start preparing everything good time before.

How much should I pay for the corresponding fee?

Each and every one of the procedures carried out at the immigration office require the payment of a fee. 

And renewals are no exception. 

In this case, the exact cost will depend on the specific type of residency card. But in order to give you an idea, most of them are under model 790, code 052, which costs:

  • For temporary residence cards, € 15.76.
  • For permanent or long-term residency, € 21.02

Start your renewal now

Now you know all the requirements to renew your NIE or residence permit in Spain. 

All that remains is to prepare all the required paperwork and submit it to the competent authority. 

And we want to make that easy for you

You simply need to send us an email explaining your situation, and our team of lawyers will submit your application in record time, completely online. 

Get in touch with our lawyers and let us guide you step by step:

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renew your residence permit in Spain

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